4 Things You Need To Give Up To Reach Your Goals

If you have a goal, it’s natural that you’ll have ups and downs when trying to achieve it. There are

some beliefs and habits that you might be used to that you need to drop if you’re going to

succeed. Here are four things that you need to give up in order to achieve your goals.

1. The approval of others

Unfortunately, you won’t always have the support of others when you decide to go after a goal. If

someone doesn’t believe in your dream, this is no reason to give up. In fact it can motivate you to

work harder to achieve your goals and prove them wrong. Don’t rely on the support of others to

keep you motivated. You must be your own motivation when you’re going after something that’s

important to you. If someone is negative about your goal or discourages you from going after it,

you might want to minimize your time with this person. This kind of person can ruin your mood

and your own enthusiasm for your own goal.

2. Time-wasting activities

It’s easy to say that you have no time to work on achieving your goal, but it’s not true. When you

want to achieve something, you’ll need to make time to do it. This means that you’ll need to give

up watching four hours of TV, browsing social media, and texting after work. If you spend less

time with time-wasting activities and invest that time into your goal, you will find success more

quickly. You choose what you spend your time doing. If you choose lounging on the couch all

evening, instead of for just an hour to relax, you are holding yourself back.

3. Fear of failure

When you chase a goal, you’re going to experience obstacles and setbacks. Things aren’t always

going to go as smoothly as you hope, but that’s no reason to stop trying. Remember that your

goal is worth the struggles you might encounter. Obstacles can serve as lessons that will help you

further on down the road. Instead of focusing on the negatives see how these events can actually

help you get ahead. If you quit each time things get difficult, you’re holding yourself back.

4. Making excuses

You can come up with excuses all day long about why you can’t work on achieving your goal.

You can use lack of time, energy, or knowledge as excuses, but these are all things that you can

deal with. You can either use excuses to hold yourself back or stop making excuses and start

working toward your goal. You’re holding yourself back from something you really want if you

continue to make excuses. Next time you find yourself making an excuse stop and ask yourself

it’s viable.

In order to achieve your goals you have to give up a few things. Sacrifice is required when you

want something badly enough.

John Chappelear
John is an award-winning author, consultant and speaker, with more than 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur. He is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness. His book, The Daily Six, has helped individuals and organizations across the world become more positive and productive. He is the founder of Changing the Focus, LLC which creates and delivers programs that builds positive, powerful, and balanced individuals, and more productive, creative, and profitable organizations.