8 Ways to Take Charge of Your Happiness

 Dale Carnegie reportedly said, “Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think.”

He’s right. Thoughts are more powerful than circumstances in more cases than not. A person can either succumb to a negative mood based on his circumstances or choose to look the other way in an effort to live in peace and joy.

Did you know you can choose your thoughts? You can focus on what’s wrong with your life, or you can focus on what’s working. You can chew on negativity, or you can reject it.  You can add fuel to arguments, or you can communicate with more tender care. You can join in on gossip, or change the topic.


How to Increase Your Level of Happiness and Peace

Happiness is also cultivated by taking positive action. If you’re ready to improve your own happiness level, here are some ideas to help you:

  • Combat negative thoughts: When negative thoughts taunt you, shut them down. Change the screen of your mind. Focus on positives.
  • Combat stress: When challenges become personal, combat them. Step back, take a deep breath, and stretch your body to keep it from tensing up. Walk, run, or do yoga to help you work through challenges with greater ease.
  • Look at what is going right: It’s easy to default to thinking about what has gone wrong in your life.  Instead, ask yourself what has gone right. Cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and hope for more good things to come.
  • Look right in front of you for what needs to be done: Quit looking for something more exciting. Enjoy the life you have right now. Love the people in it. Carry out your tasks with diligence. Pat yourself on the back.
  • Be generous: Be generous with compliments, smiles, your time, and your money.  Listen to others. Bring out the best in others by encouraging them.
  • Be open: How exciting it is to learn from others. Stay open and receptive. Receive gifts of encouragement and compliments from others with an open heart.
  • Enjoy beauty: You should be able to find beauty everywhere. Look at the fine details in nature whether it be an interesting night sky, delicate flower petals, or an interesting tree.
  • Picture a beautiful tomorrow: Don’t worry about the unknown future. Enjoy today and trust that something good will happen tomorrow and the day after that. Believe you are on the right path.

To live with greater happiness starts with correcting negative and fearful thinking followed by adopting positive habits. You can rise above your circumstances and teach yourself to be happy on an ongoing basis by employing these simple tips.

John Chappelear
John is an award-winning author, consultant and speaker, with more than 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur. He is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness. His book, The Daily Six, has helped individuals and organizations across the world become more positive and productive. He is the founder of Changing the Focus, LLC which creates and delivers programs that builds positive, powerful, and balanced individuals, and more productive, creative, and profitable organizations.