Are You Honoring Today?


I received some nice feedback on the video I posted Easter Sunday, (link) and thought I would elaborate a bit more about the importance of honoring today, everyday.

It’s amazing to think about just how unique and special every day is. Just like no two fingerprints are exactly the same, no two days are exactly the same, even though life can sometimes feel monotonous. Despite the example in the movie Groundhog Day, it’s impossible to have the exact same day more than once.

Think about your day so far… what time did you wake up? When did you shower? Did you experience the exact same feelings while eating breakfast or drinking your morning coffee? It wasn’t the exact same cup of coffee, and if it was, this time it was cold or reheated, making it different. Did you do the exact same work today as yesterday? Are you sure? What was different? Think about it for a moment: How could you have made today even more different from yesterday? There are countless answers to that question, and the right ones can lead to a more productive and enjoyable day.

Every moment of every day we have an opportunity to change our relationship with “what is” so that it can become more aligned with what we want to be, where we want to go, and how we want to live. That makes every moment of every day unique and very important and special. While celebrating holidays and special events as special is good but what about all the days in between? Are they less important?

Considering how we have more “in between” days than holidays, it seems we are missing the value in most of the days of our lives. So, how do we change that? How do we honor today, even when it seems like just another ordinary day?

The Daily Six suggests two practices that can help you honor today, and in doing so provide you with more opportunities to live a more joy-filled life:

  • Daily Quiet Time – take a few minutes in the morning, and a few in the evening and quietly reflect on your day. Think about what you want from your day, how you want to improve it from yesterday, and how you can make tomorrow better.


  • Gratitude – appreciate the positives you experienced, as well as the challenges that are there to help you grow.


Today, and every day, truly is the “present” but our part is to to unwrap and enjoy.

So, how will you honor today?