The Daily Six

USA Book News #1 Book of the Year


John Chappelear, a self-described “recovering big-shot” had built a multi-million-dollar business, owned luxury homes and cars, and enjoyed all the benefits that money can buy. But his all-consuming quest for more ultimately led to a divorce, estrangement from his children, and a crisis of faith in himself and the value of his life. Then-in a bitter twist of fate-he lost the business that he’d worked so relentlessly to build.

Today, John has committed himself to the pursuit of success with significance. In changing the priorities of his own life, he developed and codified the Daily Six-six principles that provide a bridge between career success and personal well-being, and that have become the cornerstone of his corporate and personal consulting work. Now, he shares his 6-part program for individuals looking to jump-start positive change and to find balance between their personal and professional lives.

Published GP Putnam, 125 pages, Paperback 2007
Reprinted and Translated into Arabic, 2013
Winner of Best Book Award. 2006 USA BookNews

Book is personally signed by John Chappelear and the cost of freight is included.

Amazon Reviews

Richard Ricci

I really enjoyed this book. I have seen John speak in person and about the only thing more powerful than reading this book, is to actually see John in action at one of his keynotes or coaching sessions. If you are a type A business man looking for a way to balance your professional and personal life, or just lost and looking for simple a way to maintain happiness, I would definitely recommend this book. A must read for just about anyone.

Lauryl G

The Daily Six is a roadmap to personal freedom. This book pin points what it takes to be a true success and clearly distinguishes the components in our lives that keep us from being as completely happy and successful as we should be. His book reveals just how truly simplistic life is and how you can be your the book! He also makes a great motivational speaker. I heard him speak and he delivered such an inspiring message that I had to read his book.

Aaron S. Nichols

I have read many professional improvement books. However, The Daily Six taps into something I have yet to find in other books--Chappelear, through his personal experience, creates an "A ha" moment for the reader! I realized: I can apply these simple tenants to my daily life. Thanks, John!

The Daily Six

Practice These Daily

1. Willingness

Be open to change, face your fears, and give up controlling behavior. Focus on the success of others, be willing to keep learning and be willing to persevere. Willingness creates honesty, self-awareness, and open-mindedness.

2. Daily Quiet Time

Start and end your day with a period of contemplation. Practice daily, and you will learn to find your quiet center. Then, you will be able to return to it as needed throughout the day. Daily Quiet Time gives you the opportunity to set your heart in the right direction, and allow your life to follow.

3. Love and Forgiveness

With Love, you begin to understand someone else's needs and consider them as important as your own. With Forgiveness, you begin to let go of anger, resentments, and fears. Expressing love will bring you love. Practicing forgiveness will bring you peace.

4. Service to Others

With Service, you begin to find new ways every day to reach out. It can be as simple as saying "thank you," and really meaning it. Your service to others will change your focus from "what's in it for me" to "what's in it from me."

5. Gratitude

With Gratitude, you become grateful for all things at all times. You begin to notice the 98 percent of your life that is going great instead of ruminating on the 1 or 2 percent of your life that is difficult. When you practice gratitude, your efforts are rewarded with a more positive and productive life. There is no direct line to happiness. Rather, you have to go through gratitude to get there. In fact, there is a direct correlation between levels of gratitude and levels of happiness.

6. Action

You may find much satisfaction in analyzing, planning, and contemplation, but change only starts when you take that first step. Even a small step is important because small changes practiced consistently, transform great ideas into big results.

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