Get Out From Behind Your Desk

Are you leading from behind your desk? When you lead from behind a desk: 1. GROWTH WILL PLATEAU Leaders who disregard the value of contributions by their employees are disconnected from reality. When people feel their employment is only a path for organizational profit and efficiency, motivation dies. When undervalued, employees become disengaged and stop […]

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Love And Forgiveness

LOVE AND FORGIVENESS, LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD Carrying around anger, resentments, judgments, jealously and/or ___________,  (you fill in blank) is exhausting. Giving myself a chance at a peaceful, positive and productive present increases exponentially when I don’t carry past issues into present situations. It’s important, even critical, to let go of anger and other negative emotions. […]

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Ready For Action

Are You Ready For Action? When we put off new ideas and challenges, many times it means one thing – we are afraid. We are afraid of looking foolish, afraid of failure, afraid of the commitment, sometimes even afraid of succeeding. As adults, we let that “rational” voice speak to us about what’s proper, what’s […]

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OPTIMISM: EXPECTING SUCCESS While unwinding from a busy weekend with the family, I quietly reflected on the wonderful memories from these past three days. After a few minutes my mind wandered back to other special times in my life that have made me so happy. I’ve had my share of disappointments and trials, but those […]

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Effective Communication Skills

How Effective Are Your Communication Skills? Becoming successful in your career is deeply rooted in effective communication. Building better communication skills is often an area that can be neglected. Without clearly explaining your ideas, instructions, and objectives, it will lead to frustrations in the workplace. It is important to understand that communication is not simply […]

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