Strategic Thinking, NOT Strategic Planning is the Key to Organizational Success

Everyone knows Strategic Planning is critical to the long-term organization success. Sadly, not all Strategic Planning turns out as successfully as we would like. A Strategic Plan is a highly structured, tangible product with specific times for implementation (usually one to five years) and very worthy objectives. The finished product is highly touted and initially […]

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Peer pressure can be a powerful force

Can we produce positive peer pressure that moves people into positive direction? We all know that peer pressure is a powerful force. And we are also familiar with negative examples of how peer pressure can push people into negative and even harmful directions in an attempt to fit in. So, if negative peer pressure works […]

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Even Competent CEOs Make These 4 Hiring Mistakes!

Even Competent CEOs Make These 4 Hiring Mistakes Are you hiring?  What do you do to select the very best people to interview and hire? I suggest using our Predicative Index Assessment Tools but maybe you would like to stay with the best choices from the past.  If you do here are 4 areas that […]

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Emotional Intelligence and Its Effect on Leaders

When one thinks of an intelligent person, the normal image is of a studious and academically advanced individual. Perhaps their mind conjures up an image of a bespectacled scientist, complete with lab coat, hunched over a lab table somewhere. While these people may be smart, it doesn’t necessarily speak of their intelligence, at least not their emotional intelligence. Emotional […]

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