Setting Clear Expectations

Critical Thinking and Clear Expectations There are no hard and fast rules for life. All of us seek different goals for different reasons.  And in the rush to change, critical thinking often falls victim to bumper sticker thinking. You know, those short, great sounding ideas without context. So do we raise our expectations or lower […]

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Love And Forgiveness

LOVE AND FORGIVENESS, LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD Carrying around anger, resentments, judgments, jealously and/or ___________,  (you fill in blank) is exhausting. Giving myself a chance at a peaceful, positive and productive present increases exponentially when I don’t carry past issues into present situations. It’s important, even critical, to let go of anger and other negative emotions. […]

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Managing The Change

How to get and stay healthy in stressful times I could give a warm welcome to President Trump but I know many of you are still reeling from the results of the Presidential Election. Nonetheless, life goes on, and each of us need to make positive decisions so we can stay healthy in stressful times. […]

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Effective Communication Skills

Becoming successful in your career is deeply rooted in effective communication. Building better communication skills is often an area that can be neglected. Without clearly explaining your ideas, instructions, and objectives, it will lead to frustrations in the workplace. It is important to understand that communication is not simply comprised of the words you use, […]

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