Focusing On The Right Things

For me, the best time to do creative things is first thing in the morning. I write new materials, flesh out new concepts or create new activities for workshops. As the day goes along I try to do less demanding tasks. Keeping my expectations reasonable is difficult sometimes but I try to focus my finest efforts on one or two goals, the ones that make the biggest difference. I try not to dilute my focus with dozens of minor goals. A sense of effective execution allows me to maintain control of my day and enjoy the positive feelings that come from achievement. And that all starts and ends with focus.

I created a short video about minimizing distractions, and I think you’ll find it helpful. Check it out here:

To stay on task, each day I choose a few important goals rather than many less important or minor goals that may threaten my focus and compromise my achievement and success.

I use Quiet Time and Forgiveness regularly. I take frequent breaks to reset my focus and let go of stress, anger and fear. Quiet Time and Forgiveness allow me to start my day focused and stay focused all day long.

During my breaks, I stand up, move about and stretch my arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders. When I shift physically, I reduce tension and muscle fatigue. When I shift mentally, I clear my head and return refreshed and when I shift spiritually, I return with a positive energy that strengthens me and those around me.

What do you do to stay focused and on-task?