If, Then, Someday

When I get my next promotion, then I’ll spend more time with my family.”

“If I had more time, then I would exercise.”

“As soon as this project is finished, then I will pay more attention to
my employees.”


If I…… Then I…..Someday I….

I don’t know about you but I spent many years saying similar things. I knew something really great was going to happen, soon. I didn’t know exactly when but I knew it wasn’t today.

Living in the now is a cliché but that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. Everyday we are alive, the now, speeds by whether we are ready or not.



The Now

Rather than waiting for “someday,” life is to be lived in the “now.”

When you live in the now, there is no “then” there is only the present. Living in the now helps you live life in balance. When in balance, you have more control of your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Living in the now allows you to do what you need to do today, and enjoy the positive results that follow. As you let go of anger, resentments and judgements, things fall into place and allow you to put a positive focus on everything you do.

Best of all, as you stay fully focused on the “nows,” the “thens” always seem to take care of themselves. Go figure.  🙂


John Chappelear
John is an award-winning author, consultant and speaker, with more than 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur. He is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness. His book, The Daily Six, has helped individuals and organizations across the world become more positive and productive. He is the founder of Changing the Focus, LLC which creates and delivers programs that builds positive, powerful, and balanced individuals, and more productive, creative, and profitable organizations.