Love And Forgiveness


Carrying around anger, resentments, judgments, jealously and/or ___________,  (you fill in blank) is exhausting. Giving myself a chance at a peaceful, positive and productive present increases exponentially when I don’t carry past issues into present situations.

It’s important, even critical, to let go of anger and other negative emotions. They only hurt us. It’s like setting yourself on fire and hoping the smoke bothers someone else.

When we let go, we start to feel peaceful and calm. We walk lighter, happier and straighter without negative emotions. We live better, love better and sleep better. Love and Forgiveness are the one-two punch of peace.  See if this video helps clarify things.

Love and forgiveness is important at home and at work. Sometimes in business, we forget just how important good feelings and positive communication can be. What do you do to show love and forgiveness in your home or workplace?



John Chappelear
John is an award-winning author, consultant and speaker, with more than 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur. He is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness. His book, The Daily Six, has helped individuals and organizations across the world become more positive and productive. He is the founder of Changing the Focus, LLC which creates and delivers programs that builds positive, powerful, and balanced individuals, and more productive, creative, and profitable organizations.