Managing The Change

How to get and stay healthy in stressful times

I could give a warm welcome to President Trump but I know many of you are still reeling from the results of the Presidential Election. Nonetheless, life goes on, and each of us need to make positive decisions so we can stay healthy in stressful times.

Staying healthy takes practice, so let’s start by looking at a valid and recent case study….
What is something causing a great deal of anger, anxiety, fear and stress right now?
How about the results of yesterday’s Presidential Election? Are you, or any of your family or friends experiencing any angst due to the results? Do you know anyone who is unhappy with the election?

I have said many times “if you’re unhappy with a person, place or situation you have three clear choices”:

  • Change it
  • Accept it
  • Leave it
    And that’s really it.

Since we can’t change the results, the choices we now have are “leave” or “accept.” If you choose to leave, then you can probably stop reading right now and use the time to pack.
My choice for right now is acceptance; I reserve the right to change my mind.

Or if we really want to wallow in our negativity we can go through the 5 Stages of Grief:

  • Denial – Wait, What? This can’t be right.
  • Anger – OMG, WTF, and others “It’s not fair!” “How could this have happened?” ‘
    Anger hurts everyone; please don’t waste energy on it. Anger = FEAR + Enthusiasm
  • Bargaining – We hope avoid a cause of our feelings, “Can we have a redo?” I promise I’ll pay attention next time
  • Depression – “I’m so sad, “what’s the point?”; “why go on?”
    Here is when we gain an honest recognition of our situation. If you can’t shake depression blame it on your exceptional creativity, everyone knows creative people are always depressed.
  • Acceptance – Finally, the fog lifts and we can see and think clearly again. We think, “It’s going to be okay. I can and will get through this. This too will pass.” When we achieve acceptance, we finally embrace our present reality and inevitable future.

Comparing my three options to the five stages of grief, I prefer my way because it gets us to acceptance much quicker. When you think about it, pain, stress, anger and frustration come when we refuse to make one of these three choices. Why would anyone want to spend more time feeling those emotions when they can live a more peaceful life through acceptance?

With acceptance we gain emotional control, we can contribute positively again. We will find strength, peace and serenity through our willingness to accept. That makes us part of a healthy citizenry. Acceptance gives us the ability step back from our current state of mind and practice our ability to regroup, refocus and return to the reality of our present moment,

So how do we get there? The same way we get to Carnegie Hall. Practice, Practice, Practice.
Let’s use The Daily Six to help walk you through it.

1. Willingness
First and foremost, as we become willing to accept Donald Trump as our new president, new thoughts and directions open up because willingness minimizes stubbornness. If we can listen without judging or stressing, we will get and stay healthier and happier. Willing to work as a uniter rather than a divider will help keep us all positive and forward focused.

2. Daily Quiet Time
A brief time each morning and evening gives us the opportunity to set our mind and heart in the positive direction. Each time you sit in silence, ask for the positive energy to contribute to the success of our family, community and country. As you focus on success, paths will open. Use QT (quiet time) anytime you are overwhelmed about situations over which you have no control, like the results of an election.

3. Love and Forgiveness
Love focuses our energy outward so we have little time to spend muttering to ourselves about electoral votes vs. popular votes. Love also means we treat everyone (yes everyone) and especially ourselves with care, concern and support. Whether we realize it or not, we need each other. Forgiveness commits us to continual and conscious process of letting go of anger, resentments, judgments and fears. Remember, Anger is Fear + Enthusiasm. If you love, you will be loved and if you are forgiving, you will be filled with peace.

4. Service to Others
Service changes: “what’s in it for me” to “what’s in it from me.” What are we doing to find ways to reconnect with family, friends and co-workers that have been torn up mentally and emotional over this election? Our task here is to help our fellow citizens return to a sense of peace and unity. As Gandhi said, “Be the change we wish to see in the world”. Focus on service and begin to heal the deep divisions within our country. Don’t wait for someone else to start, don’t wait for others to jump on board, start now.

5. Gratitude
Be grateful for all things at all times – especially difficult times. This is when we grow and find out what we are really made of. If we can stay grateful, we can stay peaceful and even happy regardless of external circumstances. A sense of gratitude will change every relationship in your life. Even in these most trying of times our lives and our country can be strong and vibrant. When we ARE grateful we ARE happy.

6. Action
Action is a “doing” thing. We must act ourselves into a new way of thinking, not the other way around. Every small step on the concepts above will move us forward. As our hearts open everyone can heal.Moving minds and hearts will take time but with daily consistent action on small changes, we will transform great ideas into dramatic results.

As you practice these concepts, not only will you become better at managing change, you will grow into a strong, confident, supportive, and yes even happy, person. You will look better and feel better. These steps create a cycle of success that repeats day after day and year after year

The door to a joy-filled life can only be opened from the inside, and using The Daily Six gives you have the key.