Peer pressure can be a powerful force

Can we produce positive peer pressure that moves people into positive direction?Peer Pressure

We all know that peer pressure is a powerful force.
And we are also familiar with negative examples of how peer pressure can push people into negative and even harmful directions in an attempt to fit in.
So, if negative peer pressure works like that, how about positive peer pressure?
Can we produce a positive pressure that moves people into positive and healing situations because that’s the norm?
I think that sounds pretty awesome.
Let’s work to create positive peer pressure for the greater good?

Personal Thought for the Week

Everyday I create Positive Peer Pressure.
I am the example that everyone wants to be a part of.
I am valuable, strong. I never give away my power to anger or negativity.
I go through each day feeling balanced, peaceful and positive.
I use my sense of balance and connection to encourage others. As they begin to feel and experience the value of positive peer pressure they see their sense of productivity and levels of energy explode.
It’s not that life doesn’t sometimes get frustrating or stressful, I just choose not to react negatively.
People see me and think, “Now that’s the way I want to be.”

Positive, Peer Pressure has to start somewhere, why not with me?

Business Thought for the Week

A key task for the rest of the year will be to reduce the need for ………me!

I will guide rather than do.
I will plan rather than react.
I will teach rather than criticize.
I will reduce the immediacy of others needing me.

When I do, my example will become much more powerful and I will become much more valuable to everyone.


This week I had a chance to see an old friend (she’s not old she’s just been a friend a long time) give a energizing keynote speech to a large and lively audience. Pegine Echevarria gives every talk 100% and she wowed me. Her audience was The First Coast Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. What warm and fun and group, they made me feel a part welcome, immediately.
Thanks to everyone.

This week on social media in addition to my normal positive thought posts, I plan to post an article on, Systems Thinking vs. Team Thinking and How to Keep Your Strategic Plan Vibrant. Connect today! Please share this positive thought with your friends & colleagues and on your social media accounts. Click below. Thank you!

Check out my quick video on 5 Steps To Create Positive Results In Your Life.

John Chappelear
Changing the Focus, LLC

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