Saying Goodbye To The Good

After many years of being in a position of leading and teaching others I can truly say that certain phrases and ideas are a bit more difficult to digest than others. One of those being this….”if you want greatness, say goodbye to the good.”

So what’s wrong with “being good” at what you do? Nothing. However, I have encountered people who embody the desire and willingness to go beyond a simple level of satisfaction. These are people who are self-motivated to go the second mile and accomplish great things.

Moving from good to great is very challenging and can produce a level of elation and satisfaction that is hard to describe, but often the price can be very high without life balance.

Here are four things to remember while you pursue greatness:

* There is no greater position in life than being a great husband, wife, mom or dad.
* Be true to yourself. Greatness must be defined by you, not a seminar or book.
* Don’t sacrifice your health and well being to achieve greatness.
* Always remain humble. Pride and arrogance are the forerunner of disappointment and humility.

I have educated thousands of managers, leaders and executives over the years, but I can say the most important piece of advice I can give anyone, is never lose sight of what is truly important. Our happiness and success must have balance in order to truly move from being good at what you do, to being great!

It may be hard to believe, and even more difficult to incorporate into your daily thinking, but it’s important to your happiness that you recognize these basic truths:

  • You do not need to sacrifice a proper life balance to accomplish success.
  • As you move forward to accomplish great things in life, it is possible to lose sight of the most important things, so Don’t! Instead, remain focused on a proper balance and move forward in your quest to be great at what you do.

As a business leader and influencer, focus on encouraging your employees and co-workers to also accomplish greats things. Take it upon yourself to create an atmosphere of efficiency and balance. And, always, always, always express gratitude to those who contribute to your journey of success.

You have the capacity to be more than just “good,” you can be GREAT! So, start today by changing your focus, and see what happens!



John Chappelear
John is an award-winning author, consultant and speaker, with more than 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur. He is recognized internationally as an expert in individual and organizational wellness. His book, The Daily Six, has helped individuals and organizations across the world become more positive and productive. He is the founder of Changing the Focus, LLC which creates and delivers programs that builds positive, powerful, and balanced individuals, and more productive, creative, and profitable organizations.