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Strategic Direction ™ Business, Leadership/Culture/Results/Inclusion Speech

Set your organization along the path to prosperity with purpose. Strategic Direction aligns the focus of everyone in your organization, concentrating their energy and efforts on attaining your Organizational Vision. Create a Strategic Plan to achieve goals powered by your vision, and then instill Strategic Intent across all levels of your organization, collectively concentrating on the short-term actions needed to achieve your long-term goals. Build and sustain Strategic Momentum that keeps your team of empowered Strategic Thinkers moving your organization forward together, driven by emotion and the desire to achieve a greater good. Start steering your organization to success.

Insightful Leadership ™ Business, Leadership/Communication/Engagement Speech

Capture the hearts of your people. Arouse passion and purpose by leading with knowledge and emotion. Insightful Leaders empower employees, purposefully and intently guiding them toward your organization’s goals. They take up where planning leaves off and focused action takes over, inspiring employees to secure their success by attaining the organization’s vision.

The Daily Six ™ Balance Life – Reduce Stress – Enjoy Life and Work

John discusses the struggles we all face today in trying to create balance for our over extended and over committed lives. John has developed his six simple, seamless steps for attaining greater peace of mind and for developing and setting priorities for work, family, community and self. John connects with and involves the audience with a warm and self-deprecating humor and personal heartfelt stories. John also encourages the audience to examine their lives, change their focus, and to stop waiting for life to get perfect to be happy. Everyone will leave one of John’s keynotes with action steps to help them learn some simple ways to be happy, right now! Wherever you fit within your organization, whether front line worker, manager, or executive, John Chappelear’s upbeat message works for any professional struggling to find the balance between quantity of achievement, and quality of life.

Strengthening Leadership Individually and Organizationally Speech

John builds emotion into leadership at all levels, capturing the hearts and the energies of people throughout the organization. People exude confidence, knowing that they are keys to your organization’s success and agents of its intended goals.

Improve Communication to Improve Mood, Morale and Results Speech

Given a chance to connect and communicate, people will take it and move your organization forward. John cultivates inclusion — not just vertically within departments or divisions but across the entire organization. See the resulting physical and mental sense of optimism, enthusiasm and community change and grow right before your eyes.

Building Powerful and Productive Teams That Work Better Together and Get More Done Speech

John has improved productivity and performance at universities, hospitals and corporations in the United States and abroad. He eliminates internal competition by focusing both management and staff on resolving the most relevant and pressing issues.

Improve Life and Work – Reduce Stress and Build Balance Speech

John guides people who want to succeed while generating a sense of significance for themselves and their organizations. He brings balance; drawing upon the personal lessons he has learned from being a husband, father and business leader.

Building Positive, Powerful, Productive and Profitable Organization Speech

Energize your organization by helping individuals succeed with significance. John changes your organization’s focus, developing self-confidence among your team members, and teaching them to appreciate their co-workers and be grateful for their entire lives.

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What Others Have Said

Dr. Arash Arshad

Strategic Consulting

John Chappelear, has spoken all over the world, in general, and throughout the middle east specifically. He has the highest reputation as an agent of change in the fields of Organizational Culture, Insightful Leadership and Strategic Direction. His programs energize organizations and individuals to reach their highest potential. I highly recommend John Chappelear and Changing the Focus.

Arjen 'AJ' Althuis

Consultant - HR Transformation Senior Manager / Accenture

John is an inspirational speaker who will share parts of his own journey to make his points. He has the rare ability to make a great personal connection in a short period of time and leaving a lasting positive impact. I recommend John for his work as public speaker and coach.

Mark E Carlson

Ga/Fl Licensed Mortgage Advisor / Angel Oak Home Loans LLC

I have worked with John over the past several years and have always admired his real-time perspective and feedback relevant to business ideas, situations and solutions. As an executive coach John takes an outsiders point of view and gives unemotional feedback. John is a peer, colleague and friend to his clients although he holds a stern line of personal accountability. As a key note speaker John delivers his message clearly, deeply connecting with his audience. He is a quick study to become well versed and prepared for the group he is speaking with. I have attended several of John's key note topics and I am always impressed with his messages, often times tying-into his hallmark principles of the Daily Six concept. John is an expert communicator.

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