When we focus on the success of others, our own success is assured.

Let us help you work to re-engage,

re-focus and re-energize your people!

Helping all stakeholders see clearly how and why their individual contributions are critical to the success of the organization as a whole.

Download the first chapter of The Daily Six

We are the right choice for your organization!

We engage an organization’s employees, teams, departments and divisions to communicate, connect and include.

We do this by establishing systems, feedback and programs that enable your people to quickly respond to emerging changes and opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

Your people will act and react more positively, productive and profitably. We are ready to help and support you and your organization

The Keys to Success

Our groundbreaking research into the integration of the intellectual and emotional parts of the brain allows us to offer effective programs that will instill positive change in our client’s organization.

Each of our holistic programs strengthens talent while improving vital systems and processes. We define, design, and develop the programs that build upon the strengths of our clients. We provide the necessary tools necessary to accomplish our client’s goals including workshops, webinars, speaking, coaching, and assessment testing.

Change. Permanent, Positive!

All our deliverables focus on the connection between knowledge and emotions. We want people to experience the positive energy possible in a fully engaged organization.

To make that happen we use The Daily Six. This allows us to establish a Culture of Trust and Success.

Strategic Direction

We work with clients to drive positive change deep into the organization.
We help clients open effective communication, clarify, and measurable short and long term goals.
We believe firmly in the value and ROI of positive change.

Insightful Leadership

Balance Emotion with Knowledge.
Insightful leaders engage and motivate.
They evolve a culture that accepts and includes all stakeholders.
Insightful Leaders build a culture of growth, high productivity, low turnover, and powerful connections.

The Daily Six

Six Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Balance of Prosperity and Purpose

This award winning book defines six simple steps to show busy and disconnected people to find the perfect balance of success and significance.

The Daily Six is a fabulous formula for true success and happiness. It teaches us to change our focus to the vital few rather than the trivial many.

~ Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of the Platinum Rule & Charisma


John Chappelear provides valuable coaching and guidance during this time of critical transition.
As a business owner with a wide variety of experience, he is a valuable mentor and peer.
He brings a fresh perspective he helps define a much-needed reporting structure.
He also helps me work through and articulate a vision and goals for my company, as well as, building clear concrete steps on how to achieve those goals.
We continually use the tools that he introduced us to.

I highly recommend John to anyone looking to improve vision, culture and productivity.

– Van Swafford, President
Swafford Transport & Warehouse

Please accept our sincere thanks for your contribution to the 2011 American Bus Marketplace. Your program was rated 9.3 out of ten. 

We received comments such as “John’s techniques helped us feel better being in control of our own leadership situations”; “Wonderful, truly made me think. One of my favorites of the conference.” and “This was a great seminar. I wish it could’ve lasted longer. I could’ve used another two hours of John’s advice.” 

We certainly enjoyed having you and would like to have you speak at Marketplace again in the future.

– Lynn M. Brewer, Sr. Vice President
Meetings, Education & Member Services