Create a more productive & profitable organization

By changing your FOCUS you can…

Build a Culture of Connection

Enhance Trust & Engagement,

Communication & Inclusion

Our POD System is based on our…

Three Pillars of Change

First is The Daily Six™ which we have found underpins all organizational development regardless of industry, because it changes how people feel about themselves and each other. The Daily Six™ provides a foundation that builds on a positive, productive, and connected workforce. 

Second is our Insightful Leadership Program, which turns traditional leadership programs on their ear and helps us to understand and realize that each employee is unique and changes for their reasons, not ours. Insightful leaders concentrate on emotion as well as on knowledge. 

The third component is Strategic Direction… by building on the other two components… we can align individual performance and individual goals with organizational goals… AND we can do it in a clear, comprehensive, and measurable way.

When implemented together these positive programs of change let you create and sustain the positive, productive, and powerful organization you have always wanted.

Permanent, Positive Change For Your Organization

Does your organization struggle with…

  •  Losing track of your strategy and vision?
  •  Managers who don’t manage?
  •  Leaders who don’t lead?
  •  Plans that get forgotten?
  •  A negative culture leading to high turnover and absenteeism?
  •  Spending time and money on training and coaching that doesn’t solve your issues?
  •  Mistakes, missed deadlines, and lost opportunities?

Work Re-Imagined

Let’s create a workplace and workforce of people who are focused and engaged intellectually and emotionally, regardless of where they work. 

Maybe you and your people are not where you want them to be.  Maybe your organization has hit a rough patch or plateaued. Maybe its potential is still hidden, waiting to be unlocked.

Your business, your team, and your co-workers bring a diverse set of skills and backgrounds to work each day — some contribute to its success and others not so much. 

Work with us to reveal the keys to unlocking hidden talents, reducing barriers to communication, and helping each person realize their maximum potential?

The Daily Six

Six Simple Concepts to Balance Success & Significance

This award-winning book defines six simple concepts to help busy and disconnected people find the perfect balance of success and significance. 

“The Daily Six™ is a fabulous formula for true success and happiness. It teaches us to change our focus to the ‘vital few’ rather than the ‘trivial many’.”

~ Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule & Charisma

Let’s Work Together!

We engage an organization’s employees, teams, departments and divisions to enhance communication, connection and inclusion.

​We do this by establishing systems, feedback, and programs that enable your people to quickly respond to emerging changes and opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business climate. ​

Your people will act and react more positively, productively, and profitably. We are ready to help and support you and your organization.