About Us

We engage an organization’s employees, teams, departments and divisions to communicate, connect and include.

We do this by establishing systems, feedback and programs that enable your people to quickly respond to emerging changes and opportunities in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

Your people will act and react more positively, productive and profitably. We are ready to help and support you and your organization

We are the right choice for your organization!


We strive to be the most effective consulting firm on Leadership, Positive Change, and Education. We partner with organizations that value their people and wish to engage them positively and effectively, with solid and measurable results. 


We require the highest ethical and professional standards. We are committed to learning and growing to stay on the leading edge within our fields of expertise. In every relationship we seek to build an atmosphere of cooperative interaction that will result in positive growth and success for everyone. 


We will consistently apply our core competencies of education, change, and leadership to create programs, which will help move our clients toward their goals with the least stress and the most positive results. 

Today’s Challenges

Across the US, more and more organizations are searching for solutions to an ever-expanding series of challenges:As competition for the best talent continues to expand worldwide, retention of key employees becomes more difficult.

  • As competition for the best talent continues to expand worldwide, retention of key employees becomes more difficult.
  • Is your organization the choice of the best candidates?
  • As loyalty, a sense of ownership and the ability to think critically decrease. Are your people thinking: ‘’What can I get’’ or ‘’What can I give?’’
  • With the role and behavior of business under increasing scrutiny, the need to create an organization that has the right values, which are clearly identified and assimilated throughout the organization, is essential to success.
  • Do your stakeholders have pride and confidence in your organization, and is their mindset powerful, positive and client focused?

Does your organization struggle with

  • Unclear organizational strategy, vision and/or mission, or no plan for implementation?
  • Weak leadership skills and poor management programs?
  • Wasted creative energy, time, talent and resources?
  • Lack of motivation and praise necessary to strengthen individual connection?
  • Poor communication skills creating significant decreases in engagement and optimism?
  • Are your projects and people clearly linked to your key organizational goals?

Our focus

For over 40 years we have created and delivered world-class programs to engage, connect and include employees across the entire organization.

Our belief

When we focus on the success of others, our own success is assured.

Let us help you work to re-engage, re-focus and re-energize your people!

How we work

We work with you to identify your needs and goals and then create a specific curriculum based on those needs. We offer the ability for you and your staff to benefit from our decades of experience while at the same time creating a process that will be successful at all levels.

We delve more deeply, beyond ‘’what to do’’ or even ‘’how to do.’’ We work with our clients as individuals, departments and divisions to understand ‘’why we do’’ and show them on an emotional level how their contributions are critical to the success of the entire organization.

We advance people from thinking about work to experiencing work, which creates a dramatically higher level of engagement, commitment and motivation across the entire organization.

How we are different

Through our exceptional staff and with our three key disciplines of change, education and leadership we will help you assess need and create unique programs specifically to address those needs. We will make sure you have a process that will provide a clear picture of success that everyone can visualize and deliver.

We use consulting, assessment testing, and coaching to provide you and your team with clear, achievable skills to accomplish your goals.

When you work with us at Changing the Focus, LLC, we Re-energize, Re-focus and Re-turn your people ready, willing and eager to complete the tasks and goals, at hand.