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Just Breathe. A Guide To Quiet

Settle Into A Comfortable Position And Close Your Eyes Or Keep Them Open With A Softened Gaze And Have Some Contact With The Floor.

Take Several Long, Slow, Deep Breaths Breathing In Fully And Exhaling Fully. Breathe In Through Your Nose And Out Through Your Nose Or Mouth. Feel Your Abdomen Rise And Fall, Abdomen, Not Chest.

Allow Your Breath To Find Its Natural Rhythm.

Drop The Weight

Are You Carrying Too Much Weight ? Carrying around resentments, judgments, anger, worries, and such creates weight. This weight can do as much damage as obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Learning to let go of our mental and emotional negative baggage is the perfect diet for what ails us. Is it simple, yes ! Is it easy, no ! But there is a path to success ! Creating a Path of Intention We …

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Questions for One-on-One Weekly Meetings

Supporting Your People Means Clearly Outlining What Success Looks Like, Keeping A Pulse On Their Wins And Struggles, Seeking Out Learning And Development Opportunities For Them, And Championing Their Accomplishments. Whether You Choose These Meetings To Be Formal Or Informal, A Structured Agenda Is A Must To Ensure Your People Feel Heard, Understood And Empowered. These Four Questions Check All Of Those Boxes: 1. What’s On Your Plate? The First Order Of Business Should Be …

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Limit or Remove Negative Words and Phrasing

Positive Words Encourage Positive Thinking. The Same Goes For Negative Words And Phrasing – When We Allow Ourselves To Use Negative Language, Our Thoughts Become Negative And Vice-Versa. Studies Have Shown That There Are Five Key Phrases That Any Person Should Remove From Their Vocabulary In Order To Ban Negative Language. Just – This Word Limits Our Accomplishments And Devalues Our Skills. By Saying Phrases Such As “I’m Just An Accountant” Or “I Just Work In …

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Transforming Stress, Anxiety, and Fear By Using Empathy

When Our US Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor Was Going Through Her Confirmation Hearing To Be Selected For The Supreme Court, Some People Seem To Lose Their Minds That She Might Be Empathic To Cases That Which Come Before The Court.  Being Empathic Doesn’t Make You A Poor Judge; It Makes You An Exceptional One. Empathy Is Truly, “I Feel Your Pain.” A Lack Of Empathy, In Psychiatric Circles, Often Is Defined As The Mark …

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Embrace Conflict

Your Team Will Never Become Its Best Without Conflict. The BEST Answer To Almost Every Issue You Face Will Be A Composite Of The Creativity And Knowledge Of The Various Players On Your Team. If You Aren’t Contributing Anything To Those Best Answers By Opening Your Mouth And Sharing Your Insights – As Risky As That Might Feel – You Are Doing Your Team A Great Disservice Here Are Five Suggestions For Healthier Conflict In …

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Desperate Times Require Clear Values

I Believe Change Is The One Word That Most Accurately Sums Up Our Current Set Of Circumstances. Change Or Even The Prospect Of Change Is Uncomfortable And Fear Is Often The By-Product. But Embracing Change By Finding Good In Bad Situations Is Not Only Possible, It Is Essential To Any Successful Strategy For Moving Forward, Whether In The Midst Of A Crisis Or Not. We Must Be Willing To Face Our Fears And View Change …

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