Questions for One-on-One Weekly Meetings

Supporting Your People Means Clearly Outlining What Success Looks Like, Keeping A Pulse On Their Wins And Struggles, Seeking Out Learning And Development Opportunities For Them, And Championing Their Accomplishments. Whether You Choose These Meetings To Be Formal Or Informal, A Structured Agenda Is A Must To Ensure Your People Feel Heard, Understood And Empowered.

These Four Questions Check All Of Those Boxes:

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Just Breathe. A Guide To Quiet

Settle Into A Comfortable Position And Close Your Eyes Or Keep Them Open With A Softened Gaze And Have Some Contact With The Floor.

Take Several Long, Slow, Deep Breaths Breathing In Fully And Exhaling Fully. Breathe In Through Your Nose And Out Through Your Nose Or Mouth. Feel Your Abdomen Rise And Fall, Abdomen, Not Chest.

Allow Your Breath To Find Its Natural Rhythm.

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Drop The Weight

Are You Carrying Too Much Weight ?

Carrying around resentments, judgments, anger, worries, and such creates weight.

This weight can do as much damage as obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Learning to let go of our mental and emotional negative baggage is the perfect diet for what ails us.

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