Limit or Remove Negative Words and Phrasing

Positive Words Encourage Positive Thinking. The Same Goes For Negative Words And Phrasing – When We Allow Ourselves To Use Negative Language, Our Thoughts Become Negative And Vice-Versa. Studies Have Shown That There Are Five Key Phrases That Any Person Should Remove From Their Vocabulary In Order To Ban Negative Language.

Just – This Word Limits Our Accomplishments And Devalues Our Skills. By Saying Phrases Such As “I’m Just An Accountant” Or “I Just Work In Customer Service” Can’t Make Anyone Feel Happy In Their Job.

Try – This Word Can Often Give Us An Excuse To Fail. We Will ‘Try’ To Accomplish Something, But If We Don’t Succeed Then It’s Not Our Fault. We Warned You Earlier. Do Or Don’t Do, There Is No Try. Master Yoda

Can’t – This Word Is Often Used When A Person Does Not Want To Take The Effort To Reach A Goal Or Accomplishment. Replace This Word With A Mental Action Plan On How You Can Act On Your Goals.

Impossible – This Word Is Normally Used When We Are Faced With Something Big And Overwhelming. However, Anything Can Seem Possible If Broken Down Into Smaller, More Attainable Jobs. Anything Can Be Accomplished When We Take Things One Step At A Time.

Someday– This Word Can Have The Same Problem As ‘Try’ – It Sets Us Up To Allow Failure. When We Plan To Reach Our Goals “Someday”, We Are Giving Ourselves Permission To Procrastinate. Set A Timeline For Your Goals And Stick To Them.

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