The Daily Six is my award-winning book that reveals six simple concepts everyone can embody, no matter how busy they are. By re-engineering their lives and renewing their connections to people, they can experience success and inner satisfaction.

The fruits of that change created my theory for personal success, which is summed up in the book. These are six simple concepts everyone can implement on a daily basis to reorient their priorities and focus on what matters, including: 

  • Willingness
  • Service to Others
  • Quiet Time
  • Love & Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Action

Gift of Devastation

John Chappelear is an organizational consultant, author, and professional keynote speaker with over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur. John’s unique perspective comes from a realized sense of gratitude for all life’s gifts, even the Gifts of Devastation. In a bitter twist of fate or what he has come to call his own “Gift of Devastation” John lost the business that he had worked so relentlessly to build.

Today as a self-described “Recovering Big Shot” John has committed himself to the pursuit of success with significance.

In changing the priorities of his own life, John Chappelear developed and codified the Daily Six™ – six concepts that provide a bridge between career success and personal well-being. These concepts have become the cornerstone of his corporate and personal consulting work.

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Raves about the Daily Six

I have read many professional improvement books. However, The Daily Six taps into
something I have yet to find in other books–Chappelear, through his personal
experience, creates an “A ha” moment for the reader! I realized: I can apply these
simple tenants to my daily life.

Thanks, John!

This book is the best motivational / self help book I have yet read. The six steps in
this book are easy to use in every day life. The book is clear and to the point. The
Daily Six are steps that anyone can follow. Of all the self help books I have ever
read, this one contains the best advice I have ever heard.

Chappelear’s steps are easy to understand and easy to follow. His advice really made
a difference in my life. I read his book and took his advice and I am now living a
much more fulfiling life. My outlook on life has really turned around and I owe it all
to reading this book. I highly recommend this book.