Workshop Topics

Workshops designed to build the people within your organization.
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Build Intangible Skills To Achieve Tangible Results Workshops

Strategic Thinking and Planning
We can help you develop and implement your Strategic Vision. Our practical process leaves you with an organization that knows what to do to consistently make decisions and move the organization forward towards its Strategic Goals.

Inter-Active Coaching and Improving the Performance Evaluation Process 
Learn how to develop trust. Build the communication and leadership skills that will make your evaluations and coaching sessions powerful and effective.​

Managing Multiple Locations 
Learn firsthand from someone who has had to do it… the secrets and skills necessary to make sure the goals and objectives set for your remote locations happen… even when you’re not around.

Handling Conflict and Confrontation 
Effectively diffuse emotional people, places, and situations. Learn how to stay in control emotionally to ensure your highest levels of influence with your staff.​

Building Teams that Work 
Uses The Five Dysfunctions of a Team & Building Powerful Teams to give you and your team the cohesiveness and results you need to compete in today’s tough environment. Identify the four stages of team building and the secrets of the “Tuckerman Model”. Get each person to see and understand the importance of pulling together for the greater good.​

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Managers and Supervisors 
Learn how to create home grown success stories. Help your people meet and exceed their own expectations and yours. Any organization that commits to coaching and mentoring will find their people more committed, positive, and productive. 

​Emotional Intelligence Workshops

The Daily Six™ – Reduce Stress * Improve Work * Balance Life
Based on John’s award winning book The Daily Six, this workshop creates a sense of success across the entire organization. 

Based on the cornerstone of John’s work: “focusing on the success of others guarantees our success”. Leaders, executives, and managers will gain the ideas, techniques, and skills to become less stressful and more successful. ​

Platinum Rule Training – Building Instant Rapport
Instantly identify personality and communication styles. Learn the skill of true adaptability to assure what you say and how you say it are in tune with the people who need to hear it.​

How to be an Effective Communicator 
Become a dynamic and powerful communicator. Learn how to get people to deliver their best, even when they don’t see how. This is a must for anyone who wants to become an effective leader.

Strengthen People Skills in the Workplace 
Provides essential skills for understanding, relating, and working with all types of people… even the most difficult.​

Communicating with Tact & Skill 
The ability to communicate effectively and successfully motivates others towards success. It is the key leadership skill needed today.

​Handling Conflict & Confrontation 
Every organization has conflict. The ones who handle it quickly and effectively out perform those that don’t. Help your people diffuse emotional people, places, and situations. Learn how to stay in control emotionally to ensure your highest levels of influence with your staff.

Customer Service Workshops

World Class Customer Service
Identify the steps of providing exceptional customer service. Learn how to anticipate customer needs. Discuss the key elements of excellent customer service. Discuss what actions can cause you to lose customers.​

Build Powerful Sales Skills
Understand why customers buy. Learn the difference between sales people who succeed and those who don’t. Understand the secrets of self-motivation. Learn when the workday starts. Learn how to become your own personal brand to create activity and build loyalty.

Manager & Supervisor Workshops

Management Skills for the First Time Supervisor
Get the skills you need to insure success in your new job as a supervisor and beyond

How to Provide Positive Feedback & Improve Performance
Get the results you want and maintain positive morale. Begin to think like a leader and get the results you need.

Strengthen People Skills In the Workplace
Get essential skills for understanding, relating, and working better with all types of people… even the most difficult.

Essential Skills For Understanding, Working, and Communicating With All Types Of People
Effectively diffuse emotional people, places, and situations. Learn how to stay in control emotionally to ensure your highest levels of influence with your staff.

Public Speaking Workshops

Becoming a Dynamic & Creative Trainer 
Help polish presentation skills. Attendees will have opportunities to interact with and get feedback from other trainers. Understand how to best meet training objectives. Get excellent reviews and results.​

Speak Like a Pro
Created for executives (and others) who must speak in front of groups (internally and externally), make presentations, sell ideas to others or face cameras and microphones. Managers, directors, operations specialists, technical professionals, and salespeople who must deliver presentations will find great benefit in this workshop. Learn stage presence, basics of making yourself memorable, use of humor, and how to limit your message to be remembered.