Drop The Weight

Are You Carrying Too Much Weight ?

Carrying around resentments, judgments, anger, worries, and such creates weight.

This weight can do as much damage as obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Learning to let go of our mental and emotional negative baggage is the perfect diet for what ails us.

Is it simple, yes ! Is it easy, no !

But there is a path to success !

Creating a Path of Intention

We all know that it is our actions and not our intentions, which create change.

But how do we do that?

Imagine how would you like others to perceive you today?

Same as usual or different?

If different, what will you do to make your intention a reality?

Each day when you wake, set your Path of Intention.

Start with short positive self-talk statements.

Today, I will let go of _____________! Today, I will be ____________!

About three times each day, give yourself a check-in on your Path of Intention.

Find a place apart.

Take a minute or two to mentally and emotionally check-in, asking,

“how am I doing with my intentions.”

If you are on track, great keep up the excellent work.

If you find yourself off track, gently move back to your Path of Intention.

As you practice regularly, you will see your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and results, changing permanently and positively.

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